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July 16, 2021

Boys 2 Men 2 South Bronx Detention Center

The Richard Sherman saga Dwayne Haskins needs a dentist Saquon goes Crypto plus over an hour of Start Bench Cut nonsense Learn mo…

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July 13, 2021

The Oldheads got out of their room again...

Bo Jackson and Jerry Rice start running their mouths about playing in today's game, we talk celebrity crushes, wings, and of cour…

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July 9, 2021

Blunder and Lightning: NFL Teams Most Likely to Tank

NotJoe and Doug talk the teams most likely to tank and try to make as many Tampa Bay Lightning puns as possible Learn more about …

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July 6, 2021

Setting up the perfect fantasy leage

Reviewing everything that goes into setting up your fantasy league... Plus... Josh Gordon reinstatement and 4th of July Learn mor…

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July 2, 2021

In bed with Mr and Mrs NotJoeFlacco

The longest conversation I've had with my wife since our second kid was born in 2016... recorded and preserved for time everlasti…

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June 29, 2021

Start, Bench, Cut: The Size Queen Episode

Assorted football, movies, and food related Start/Bunch/Cut... plus a special announcement in the intro. Learn more about your ad…

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June 25, 2021

The Best Football Movies Ever + Throwback Helmet Bonanza

NotJoe and the Boys are back to talk throwback helmets, taxicab confrontations, and the best football movies of all time Learn mo…

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June 22, 2021

"You're gonna stick with that motherf----?"

NotJoe gets spotted at Disneyland Carl Nassib comes out... Cole Beasley wants some attention... "Plaxico of the Week" is handed o…

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June 15, 2021

Two Goats and the Madden22 cover

We talk our long history with the Madden franchise and discuss the options for the Madden22 cover. We also talk online reviews (i…

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June 11, 2021

Best and Worst Coaches in the NFL

NotJoe and the boys run through their takes on the best and worst coaches in the NFL, detour to discuss Mac & Cheese (both Cam Ne…

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June 8, 2021

Julio Jones finally gets traded

NotJoe and the Boys discuss the Julio Jones trade, who is the (2nd) best offense in the AFC, which team screwed up the worst by n…

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June 4, 2021

Who's missing the playoffs?

Notjoe and the Boys use Vegas win totals to break down which of the favorites are going to have the toughest time making the play…

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June 1, 2021

Underdog Playoff Teams and a terrible tattoo

NotJoe and the Boys look at all the teams that Vegas thinks will win less than 9 games and tries to see if any can make the playo…

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May 28, 2021

Veteran quarterbacks you'd rather have than Trevor Lawrence

NotJoeFlacco and the boys discuss which QBs we would rather have than Trevor Lawrence, Janoris Jenkins getting his Rolls stolen, …

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May 25, 2021

"I'm outta here" - Julio Jones

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May 21, 2021

Julio Jones is available? JULIO JONES IS AVAILABLE!!!

NotJoe and the Boys explore the Julio Jones rumors, who he might fit with, and try to figure out what the Falcons are doing. Also…

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May 18, 2021

Way too early MVP bets

The boys pick three MVP candidates (long shot, medium longshot, and a favorite) even though its still May and who the hell is bet…

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May 14, 2021

Playing "What's More Likely?" w/ 49ers, Seahawks, Justin Fields, Joe …

NotJoeFlacco and the Boys bite a segment from First Take and play "What's More Likely?" Dak Prescott vs Daniel Jones Rams vs Lion…

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May 11, 2021

The QB Hot Seat: Baker, Russ and the Hot Seat status of every NFL QB

Which QBs are on the hot seat? What if Baker is just OK this year? Is the seat hotter for Pete Carroll or Russell Wilson? How lon…

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May 7, 2021

Why are you booing Aaron Rodgers? He's right

NotJoe and the Boys make their debut as sellouts... The boys find agreement over the A-A-Ron Rodgers saga, Trevor lets Doug and N…

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May 4, 2021

NFL Draft grades, the NFL rumor mill, and Kirk Cousins' future

Plus... an announcement... and of course... Trevor's Hockey Corner

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April 27, 2021

Kyle Shanahan thinks we're all gonna die

NotJoeFlacco, The Podcast: Therapy Hour

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April 22, 2021

Misery Dicked: The Mock Draft Episode

Apologies to the Seahawks and Rams for forgetting to include you in the mock draft this year. We'll try and be better.

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