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Feb. 8, 2022

Super Bowl Preview, Pro Bowl, Coaching Moves

Super Bowl preview

  • This will be the only SB Joe Burrow plays in
  • Albert Breer article on the 6 scouts
  • Probably Stafford too
  • Brees, Rodgers, Marino, Young only 1 trip
  • Stafford HOFer? 

Do we need to take the Pro Bowl out back and shoot it?

  • 2 hand touch?!?!
  • There aren’t any good ideas for fixing the pro bowl that revolve around actual football
  • Could The Pro Bowl just be college football OT rules?

Coaching Hires / Brian Flores

  • Get rid of the interns
  • Get rid of the nepotism
  • McVay 
  • Shanahan
  • Hackett
  • Merit vs diversity
  • Jim Caldwell - better winning % than Mike Shanahan. Matt Stafford averaged 9 wins under Caldwell and 4.75 under everybody else in Detroit
  • Marvin Lewis - Higher than Jon Gruden. Had a winning career WITH THE BENGALS
  • Lovie Smith v Dan Quinn same WP% both lost SB… Giants, Broncos, Vikings, Bears, Jags, Dolphins (6/8 openings)

  • Jimmy Johnson (7-9) COTY over Art Shell (12-4) (only coach to ever win the award with a Losing record) 
  • JOSH MCCOWN?!?!?

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