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Podcast for 49ers fans with patience

Let me start by saying I love this podcast. I’ve listened to almost every episode and am never disappointed by the crazy off-topicness of NotJoe and the boys (that is unless I want to hear their opinions on my favorite team and all NotJoe talks about is the 49ers). They stay true to their biases by focusing very little on other teams but I don’t hold that against them because let’s be real, I know what I’m getting into. The tangents on the pod are constant, and certainly test your patience if you’re just listening to hear about football. Well, if you want a true football podcast, look elsewhere. As long as you know what you’re getting into, this is the best podcast on the app. Also, I want more start-bench-cut and segments like that. Those are the best.

Yellow mustard is good on hot dogs

This has been by far my favorite podcast for almost two years. I don’t know how one could be any more perfect. The boys know football, which makes listening to their NFL conversations not only fun but educational. The part that really makes this pod special though, is the tangents. Every few podcasts, NotJoe, Trevor, and Doug talk about something completely off topic for thirty or so minutes, like what kind of mustard is best or what hobbies Russell Wilson likes to get into at home. Also, as a Seahawk fan, one of my favorite parts of the podcast is when NotJoe panics about the 49ers, such as right after the CMC trade. That makes me happy. All in all, the boys have obvious passion for the sport and their friendship, leading to a podcast-listening experience as fun as if I were in the conversation myself. This podcast is funny, relatable, and the best thing on this app. (I snuck in a few Oxford commas for Trevor.)

This podcast is sick

Great podcast. Doug hooked up with my mom. I don’t really care tho tbh

Joe Flacco is nicer than Not Joe

Not Joe is a mean, hate-filled bully with unqualified football takes based on his 60+ years as an NFL memester. I mean, he drinks non-alcoholic beer so how much can he know about football? Despite (or because of?) this, the show is entertaining. Doug is a delight and Trevor is… also there. They banter the way you wish you and your friends could and they make fun of your favorite team without mercy. Their lack of empathy for the average football fan suggests psychopathic tendencies, which is probably why I haven’t heard any ads for “better health” on the pod. At least that’s a plus? If you like football and want to feel like you have friends to talk about it with you should definitely download the pod.

Highly recommend this podcast, makes my day.

I am a landscaper, I listen to hours of music and podcasts a day, I listen to like 25 different podcasts and honestly, this is my favorite podcast out of all of them. I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile but I’ve just been busy so here it goes. Notjoes dog recently passed, rip keena (sorry if I butchered that) I had no idea this dog even existed till a few weeks ago and notjoe made me feel like this dog has been apart of my whole life. This might sound weird but I’ve been listening to this podcast for a little over a year and these 3 guys are so funny, they make you feel so apart of the conversation without even being there. This is also the FUNNIEST podcast ever, notjoes humor is just amazing, along with Trevor never getting any of the trends and Doug adding his dorky random references it never fails to make me giggle like my goddamn 3 year old nephew. This podcast is genuinely one of the funniest things ever, they have so many inside jokes that you catch on very quickly once you start to listen. My parents are currently going through a divorce and this podcast makes my day and week a whole lot better so thank you for that. These 3 men have some of the biggest egos I’ve ever seen, and yes I know I’m pumping it up even more right now but idc, they all deserve it. If you happen to get through this whole review I very highly recommend this podcast 12/10 amazing. (I’m sorry for my horrific grammar, if Trevor was reading this i think he’d literally murder me)

Great football podcast, but…

He’s great but he’s obviously not ravens super bowl mvp joe Flacco, idk who keeps mixing them up. Also it’s too biased towards the 49ers, and their team tier list wants good (how were the Steelers in the top half?) Besides for that the takes on football are pretty good and it’s definitely pretty funny. Keep it up !!

Absolutely Amazing Pod

These people single handedly well i guess triple handedly since there’s three make my day every week. Used to think podcasts were for old guys sitting around with nothing to do. I couldn’t be any more wrong. This pod is the best for football opinions that sometimes are way too enthusiastic but are way too fun to listen to.

The Not Joe Flacco Podcast: A Work of Art

Oxford Languages defines a podcast as “a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device.” The Not Joe Flacco Podcast is that, but really much more, a true work of art. Somehow, Not Joe, Trevor, and Doug have turned an hour and thirty minutes of audio entertainment into something that I look forward to each week, something truly amazing. The Pod, is really just three best friends creating an excuse to talk and catch up every week. They intend to talk football, and while they do this, the conversation often devolves from that. In all honesty, however, the boys have just as much accreditation to talk about sports as they do any other topic, so this keeps the pod interesting. It never feels like you are listening to the so called “experts” from ESPN, but on the contrary it feels like you are sitting in on a conversation that you would have with your own friends. Thus, the show ends up having a wide variety of segments ranging from those about sports, such as Start Bench Cut, THC, to the ones about Not Joe’s personal life such as Podium. Each of these segments has their own traditions, and things that make them unique or great. Start Bench Cut is always great because it plays to one of the strengths of the show, the interaction with the fans, as many of the questions come from Not Joe’s Fans submitting polls on Insta, Film Review is just an excuse to talk Top Gun or Tom Cruise in some way, THC is a classic that every fan looks forward too, and the Podium is even better, giving Not Joe an opportunity to talk about his week, and the crazy things that have happened. The banter of the show, however, is really the best part, giving the boys the opportunity to show their personalities and quirks. Not Joe with his love for the Niners and Frank Gore, and hatred for Larry Fitzgerald, the Seahawks, and Russ, Doug, who grew up in/near Canton (not clear), and is a huge Browns fan now questioning his morals and whether he should cheer for Deshaun Watson, and finally, my favorite, Trevor who loves the Giants, Yankees, and all New York teams (this is what makes him great), while hating the Eagles and Cowboys (I feel disgusting writing those names). Trevor’s reactions to the Giants games each week are exactly how I feel, and seeing someone else share such optimism about such a pathetic organization is really what I need in my life. Anyways, 200 episodes is amazing, and I truly love the pod, it is the best part of my week, and yeah. Thanks Not Joe, Trevor, and Doug, y’all the goats.



The Most Pure Form of Art

Great Wall of China, Chichén Itzá, Petra, Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Giza, Athen’s Acropolis, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty. These are widely regarded as the greatest wonders of the modern world. These are considered humanity’s most noteworthy accomplishments over the past couple millennia. I submit that NotJoeFlacco: The Podcast be granted Modern Wonder status. NotJoe, Doug, and Trevor are geniuses on par with the architects and sculptors who created those masterpieces. These three are artists who bless listeners’ ears weekly with groundbreaking content and world changing discussions. Between Start, Bench, Cut; Movie Review; and the unofficial segment of Tangent; this football podcast is top tier regardless of whether the NFL is in its offseason or not. Appreciate the new Modern Wonder as it is created and make NotJoeFlacco: The Podcast a regular part of your life.

Trevor I have loving advice

would be five stars if trevor plugged in headphones to stop the annoying feedback playing. everything else about the podcast is 10/10. just a nitpick about the production

Simply the Best Podcast Ever

To whom it may concern, I do not write reviews. I don’t give 5 star or 1 star reviews for apps or games, no matter how amazing or abysmal they are. Let that be your first hint that speaks to the true greatness that is the NotJoeFlacco Podcast (yeah I actually capitalized the P, take that Podcast 194’s featured reviewer). I told NotJoe this would be the best review he’s ever gotten and I fully intend for that to stay true. Where do I start when speaking of the podcast? For those who have never listened: it is a podcast of three old friends simply bantering back and forth for an hour or two, covering anything from football takes to the depths of their personal lives to anything in between. As a weekly listener, it reminds me of all the countless times I’ve had these conversations with my friends, and I think that casual format is what keeps listeners like myself coming back for more. It isn’t another form of news or like most sports podcasts, but rather feels like a friend is telling you their opinion. It adds subjectivity into conversations, which I personally think is amazing, especially when you consider the amount of flaming hot takes the format allows them to speak about without getting absolutely flamed by fans. ( I sit here and write a few sentences flaming their takes?) NotJoe’s ability to direct the conversation and also keep it going is superb. Each of the three men seem to have a variety of knowledge in their own random field, leading to everyone being able to contribute at nearly all times and a lack of redundancy in the characters. I appreciate the consistent uploads and the fact that NotJoe replies to all my fan mail, it’s not every day you get to text a real life superhero. Truth be told, I started listening maybe a month or two ago, and I had no clue how the podcasts would go once the season was over and the fire of the off season and all its trades and drama started to calm down. Let it be known that NotJoe, Trevor, and Doug (sorry if I butchered any spelling somehow??) have thoroughly carried me through this summer, as their weekly uploads make my drive to and from work every week seem much less mediocre. I don’t listen to podcasts. I just don’t. And yet, I do. Their passion for everything they talk about, from their respective teams to clowning players who need to be clowned (Chase Clownpool) to absolutely busting over Top Gun: Maverick is what makes this podcast amazing. It gives off an atmosphere of friendship, and more importantly includes all the bullsh-t (does Apple let me curse on this?), special moments, and laughter along the way. It is often some of the best hours of my week. Now that that’s out of the way, sorry for meatriding the last 491 words, but I said I’d be the best. Seriously though, just go listen to the podcast. PS. RIP Jaylon Ferguson and Tony Siragusa, all love from the Ravens Flock.

Five thousand stars

You can’t choose family. But if I could, I would choose Notjoe, Doug, and Trevor. I am thoroughly convinced that there are no three more entertaining and funny people in the world to talk about football, movies, or any wide variety of inevitable tangents that these three go on every episode. You will never be bored listening to this show, even during the off-season which is unique for a football podcast. The segments of the show are so interesting compared to any other football podcast, from the three man drafts of different things in the football world to my all time favorite, start bench cut, it is constant entertainment. I mean, I swear these are the only people out there who can make me laugh on an unhealthy level listening to a conversation about ceiling fans, swivel chairs, and napkins. This show is truly one of the highlights of my week. It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear the Trevor’s hockey corner intro song because I know it means there’s only a half hour, 45 minutes tops left in the episode. This is seriously the best football podcast there is, and if you don’t start listening right now, you’re dumber than chase claypool thinking he’s a top 3 receiver in the league. Go broncos P.S. Thank god Russell Wilson can throw a football well because he is by far the cringiest person ever it hurts my ears to listen to him talk.

The Pinnacle of Audio Entertainment

The NotJoeFlacco podcast on the surface is simply just three old friends (emphasis on the old) talking about the recent news in the NFL. What makes this podcast special is the back and forth banter between the 3 and the very strong opinionated riffs that can happen at any second and segments such as start, bench, cut (which can be anything from football related to debating whether or not you are a fan of bunghole) , different types of football related snake drafts and one of my personal favourites, film review. The pod is made up of three friends, NotJoe, the core of the pod who keeps things flowing and has a list of topics to talk about while also throwing some random interesting stats at you. Trevor, the sometimes drunk (memememento) uncle who isn't afraid to cause a ruckus. And Doug, a fountain of knowledge when it comes to college football, Cleveland browns history and good movies. Doug is my personal favourite as he is usually cool, calm and collected but will throw coins at you from his car if you're being a dick (rightfully so). The Podcast also has side characters who are brought up everyone in a while but you never hear from , but you still feel like you know them (NotJoes Wife, NotJoes Brother, Curtis and Trevor's old roommates). I really enjoy the communication with the podcast community via Instagram stories and dms, it's fun to know that you can say something and they will see it and possibly talk about it. Anyways this review is riffing almost as long as Trevor when a member of Gen Z says something stupid. With all that being said, listen to the pod, download the pod, leave a damn review. 5/5

Simply the best

I started following Not Joe on IG when he only had a couple hundred followers. When he announced his podcast I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes and thought that he should just stick to memes. I finally gave in and started listening last August. I have to say, I wish I had started listening sooner. If you’re on the fence about listening, just do it. Something unique about this podcast is the off-season content. While similar pods grasp at straws for episode topics, Not Joe and the boys find ways to keep their listeners entertained. The episodes during football season are great as well. If you’re a degenerate gambler like I am there is an added bonus- Not Joe is a human jinx, so if you bet against his picks there’s a good chance you will make some money! Because no podcast is perfect, I’ll mention the only two downsides to this one. First, Not Joe’s jinx (or taint as he calls it) can work against you. If you hear him pick your team to win or if he compliments them in any capacity, you need to pause and start mentally preparing yourself. Your team will lose their next game or a key player will get injured. The other con is that Trevor is a Giants fan. While it could be worse and he could be a Cowboys fan, it’s still unfortunate. Especially when you agree with one of his takes. I mean, who wants to agree with a Giants fan? On the plus side, it was great listening to him slowly die inside as last season progressed! It filled my cold dead Philly heart with joy. That being said, this is easily the best football podcast out there.

Top Gun: Maverick Podcast 10/10

Just like the movie, this podcast is a 10/10. Listening to you guys talk about how much you loved the movie brought a smile to my face multiple times. Top Gun is one of my Dad’s favorite movies and it made me happy that he really enjoyed Maverick. I watched the first Top Gun for the first time last year and watching the new one was an incredible experience. This is one of those movies where 20 years from now, I can tell my kids that this movie was iconic. Great show, keep up all the great work.

It doesn’t get better than this

There’s just something about 3 guys who lack the requirements to professionally talk about football be so wrong, yet right all the time. Not to mention there’s just something about the podcast that makes it feel like you’re eavesdropping into a conversation of three friends who are just having a great time and you want to jump in with them. That might be why I watched every second of the top gun review episode having never watched a second of either top gun and not planning on watching either. I can imagine Trevor reading this and giving a stern psa for everyone to go watch it again especially to the younger generation that he seems to hate. But notjoe and not Joe’s wife have become parent figures to me through this podcast but I don’t even know their real names. And now the best for last is Doug simply because of his accuracy and abundance of knowledge that spreads throughout my ear lobes and into my brain. Personally, I think he deserves his own college football corner on the off nights of the hockey corner bc of how much I especially love his college football knowledge. And if you read all of this you should’ve just started listening to the podcast bc you would already have been hooked by now.

Highlight of my Week

The production quality is low. The intelligence level of the conversations is average. The relatability is high, and that is this podcasts best feature. Tuning in to NotJoe, Doug, and Trevor talking football with inevitable tangents perfectly mirrors meeting up with my pals during the height of football season. Between changing steering wheels on air and fishing for content on the NotJoe meme page, these guys keep it fresh and entertaining. Definitely the best 1-2 hours of my week.

2013 Seahawks defense top 3 all time

Used to subscribe to your twitch now I just listen to this while I play rocket league. Best podcast because you guys are chill. Thanks for that sticcer that one time

Joe I love you

you still have a chance to leave your wife and be with me (jk, unless? 👀)

Greatest listen

Bad takes on Mayo, good takes on football. #letrusscook #noodlearmedbrees #1PodcastInKazhakstan

only here for trevor

I spent a good 30 minutes peeling a mediocre orange and it was worse than this podcast.

My wife likes it but she is cooler than your wife.

I listen weekly and my wife will occasionally hear some of it. She definitely understands why I listen and love the pod but is definitely convinced we all have Asperger’s with the amount of movie quotes we resort to as punch lines. “How do you all remember those lines??? So annoying!” Granted, we went to Denver last weekend and upon landing I looked out the airplane window and said “I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this.” I turned to her grinning expecting her to fully know that line! Nothing. No reaction. And honestly I’m just a waste here. More Sean Connery quotes from The Rock please and there should just by a pod dedicated to the new Top Gun movie the week it comes out.

Steelers fan but God Damn this is a good podcast.

Easily my favorite football podcast. My two passions are backpack hunting wilderness areas for deer and elk, and secondly football. What better way then to combine the two? I have spent many nights alone in the wilderness sitting in a tent listening to the soothing voice of not joe and the boys. I have spent countless hours hauling strenuous 100 pound packs of meat and shed antlers listening to ole not joe and the fellas. Heading out this weekend in hopes of tagging a trophy and as always will have my good friends Trevor, Doug, and Not joe there to keep me company. Keep up the good work boys!!

Best podcast ever

Do you like driving yellow sport cars? Do you like leaving stupid comments on yelp? are you a big fan of Urban Myers? Then this is the podcast for you. But honestly it’s my favorite podcast, it’s just a bunch of life long friends who have a great sense of humor and they talk about football. With real takes and opinions. They also have some really funny stories.

I shouldn’t love it, I really shouldn’t. But I do.

Somehow this is my favorite podcast. I am the epitome of these men’s least favorite person. Everything from my favorite team, my religion, my generation, my home state and my lifestyle. And yet here I am, rating it five stars. If that doesn’t say how good of a podcast it is, I don’t know what will. Five stars

Best Football Podcast Available

All other football podcasts are terrible.

Love these guys

The banter has a quality that hasn’t been heard since Beethovens 6th symphony in B flat. If you want to listen to them all a second time, try listening in 1/2 speed. It’s hilarious. Much love. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Seahawks fan’s favorite podcast

This podcast has been my favorite for over a year. I listen to it in the shower, driving to work, and while making breakfast. It’s fun to listen to not only because of the football dialogue, but also because of the three guys’ personalities. You can tell they have been friends for a while, and their relationship translates perfectly to the podcast format.