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Give it a shot. I’m not a podcast guy but this podcast made me rethink. NotJoe, Trevor and Doug are all hilarious. I’m a college student/nfl addict and I look forward to hearing these three banter every week. Even during the off-season they manage to include other relevant world news to talk about.

Great fun and non toxic football

All 3 guys on the podcast are super funny and cool dudes who interact with fans on social media. Their football takes arent hot garbage either like a lot of sports media so that’s a 5/5 in my book.

Like Listening to Your Friends at the Bar

It’s like listening to your (older, slightly more obsessed/informed) friends talk about football, but you’re that one quiet friend who never says anything. This definitely going to age well.

Saved my life????

I listen to this podcast at work. I was chilling, sweeping off some asphalt when all of a sudden, the neighbors’ dogs started barking. I was like, “man dogs are crazy” but then I heard screaming. I was busy listening to three old guys talk about Derrick Henry and now I see this big old bulldog biting the leg of a rottweiler off. I was surprised nonetheless but now they moved on to talking about fantasy football. And let me tell you, my 1-5 team needs all the tips it can get. Unfortunately they were only talking about Derrick Henry’s fantasy at the time and there’s no way I’m getting him. The dogs ended up being fine. The victim just had to get stitches. Did this podcast save my life? Probably not but it’s good clickbait. 5 stars.

The guy who asked for podcast help

I always enjoy the stupid conversations held between notjoe & the boys. Have I ever learned a single thing about FOOTBALL? Not a chance. However I’ve gotten insight into all your lives and it makes me feel better about myself. 5 stars

Pretty solid

Completely inconsistent and biased. Never really quite sure what they are talking about. Tend to only talk 50% football between tangents and other crap. Lots of random silences. 10/10 would recommend.

Best Podcast Ever

Long time listener, great podcast!! These guys know what they are talking about!!

Great listen

Great podcast with guys who like football as a whole but also their own teams. Very funny good personalities

Good pod

Very chill and laid back, good entertainment value with funny commentary and jokes. It’s a nice place to hear things you may have missed if you love football and are too busy to rewatch games for read every stat. Very good football knowledge between them as well.

The only podcast I listen to

The only podcast I listen to. Listening to Not Joe and the boys is great because they don’t try too hard, they just talk football from the perspective of 3 die-hard fan. Keeps you engaged and invested in the conversation. And like any good podcast, the tangents may be the best part. Not bad for a meme page 😅

Better than actual Joe Flacco’s MVP season

An excellent podcast mostly about football with hilarious tangents among good friends. The start, bench, cut segments are incredible and deserve a roll in a podcasting Hall of Fame, or at minimum a role in every other episode.


10/10 podcast. I don’t think I listened to one episode where I wasn’t engaged. The boys are knowledgeable (on a lot more than just football), funny, and go off on great tangents 60% of the time. I can’t wait until the countless spin-off podcasts that will undoubtedly happen in the future of the NJPU (NotJoe Podcast Universe) such as “At the Movies w/ Doug”, “Yelping About Yelp w/ Trevor”, and of course “Trevor’s Hockey Corner”. Give it a listen!

Notjoeflacco: Start Bench Cut Extraordinaire

Notjoe and da boys are awesome. There’s not an episode where I don't laugh, or let out a chuckle or two. They have a unique friendship that is genuine and wholesome. They have a way of keeping the off-season exciting, even with the lack of football news. My family loves playing start bench cut, and we can thank notjoe and the boys for that. Unfortunately, they are old, so be ready for “get off my lawn” antics, and hearing about movies made in the 80s. Nonetheless, this podcast is great, and it keeps me entertained on my way to work. Keep it up y’all. P.S. This is not JUST a football podcast

Podcast is a breath a fresh air

I sincerely believe that this podcast is like a fine quesadilla. NotJoe acts as the protein and is the real star of the program with his funny anecdotes. While Doug acts the tortilla as he adds structure and some statistics to the podcast. Then we have Trevor a man I inspire to be like, who acts as the cheese and is the only man I know to be genuinely hilarious while installing a steering wheel. Although my opinion is not as valid as my companion on the toilet. I do recommend this as a must listen to if you are a football fan.

It’s good

It’s good

Very wonderful for a old man

For a old man it just doesn’t get any better than this

Great Pod

It’s quite an amazing podcast. Now give me that shoutout NotJoe @desmondsking on IG would work :)


Even as a Seahawks fan, I still get my enjoyment out of this podcast. No complaints other than them roasting my team and my religion and my state and my job and my hobbies and my lifestyles and all of my opinions. Honestly a fantastic podcast and I couldn’t be happier with it. Three amazing men and 90 delightful minutes of joy.

Trent Taylor is a HOF

I’m a new listener and I work a super repetitive office job. Listening is easily the highlight of my work day. NotJoe and the boys provide great references to previously great players and don’t fangirl over DK Metcalf like everyone else. Not having the pod last Thursday was tough. Appreciated Trevors take on blitzboy being a coverage liability. Take a listen, screw the Seahawks.

Fun Football

A great listen! Funny and informative!! Better then all of the talking heads in today’s sports media!! Thanks NotJoeFlacco

100% truthful

This podcast is exactly as advertised. Listened to every episode and zero sign of Joe Flacco. If you’re looking for a podcast without the legendary Eagles QB, this podcast is for you! Don’t forget. He’s still in his prime.

Sick pod

Notjoe told me to write a review before his voice lulled me to sleep, so I am. He is right though. Notjoe, Trevor and Doug talking about various nfl topics and scenarios puts my heart and mind at ease.

Listen to every episode

Had to change my review; was bitter about the quesadilla debate last time I wrote my review. Still 5 stars. It’s one of the only podcasts I listen to. It’s kind of like a Pardon My Take but only focused on football and they’re a little more mature. They go on random tangents and give life-advice from the POV of a middle aged man. It’s great if you want fresh takes to flex on your friends and claim as your own

Top Tier

They can’t seem to stay on track, are always getting distracted, and honestly only talks about football about half of the time. Best podcast I’ve listened to, I download every episode, highly reccomend, 10/10.

Currently taking a poop

Notjoe is far superior from Canadian cutler.


So first I love the billy Madison reference and second I respect Trevor for defending top gun like a champ it’s kinda scary how hard he defended that movie

Best poop podcast

There’s not a better poop podcast on here. Nothing beats sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes listening to NotJoe and the boys.

Great podcast

Great podcast! Love Trevors take on the Giants winning nfc east. Will start listening regularly

Great pod

Love the content, it feels like I’m a part of the conversation every time because they make it so natural! You guys do a great job! Keep it up. #gocowboys