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Super great podcast!

Great and funny podcast made by the greatest meme lord of all time. As a bears fan, I wish they would talk about my bears more and the 49ers less but oh well, it’s a great pod and I love Trevor and his hatred for stupid people.


The only podcast I listen to! It is such a great podcast!

NotJoe is the GOAT

This podcast is one of the things I look forward to most every week. Great takes from funny guys. 11/10 recommend!!


NotJoe and the boys yessir

Best football pod around.

Definitely one of the best group of guys i’ve heard the opinions of. Even if the Giants fan is a bit of a goon. (How bout them cowboys?😉)

I only listen to two podcasts...

This is one of them. The other is CBS Pick Six Pod. Love listening to NotJoe and the boys, highly recommend.


Came for the football, stayed for the hockey.

Best waste of my time out there

I mean, it’s either listen to these jerk offs or stare into the abyss on my hour and a half commute. I will say, I would like to hear more about other teams/divisions. The browns, giants and niners are only so interesting...overall solid show Dave!


Yo First of all, y’all doing an awesome job here. Keep up the hard work. Now, on to the main course: If u are Bill belichick, what are ur 3 offseason moves (trade, FA signing, cuts, assume current roster stays the same) From a fan

2nd Best Browns Podcast behind Dawgs of War.

Hail Baker, Full of grace, The pound is with you. Blessed are you among qbs, And blessed the fruit of thy arm, TDs. Holy Baker Touchdown Maker Pray for us fans now and at the hour of game time amen. Hey follow @muni_lot_tailgate for Browns stuff with subpar editing.

For The People

Excellent bro.

Not enough Cowboys

I think NFL radio/podcasts should just talk about how disappointing the Cowboys are or talk about how Mayfield is overrated and complain about a minor thing he did.


Good pod miss when he played madden :(

The Tom Brady if podcasts

This is the Tom Brady if podcasts meaning it is the second best podcast I have ever listened to.

Cured my cancer

Just by listening to this podcast I was cured of my cancer. It was not looking good for me then I found this podcast. As soon as I heard Joe’s smooth silky voice, I nuted every where. Curing my stage 6 testicular cancer.


Great guy!

This man Joe a legend. And you should subscribe and listen to this podcast weekly.

Notnotthebest football podcast

Pod is legendary, especially when Doug and Trevor are on. NotJoe my favorite football analyst out there, and he just some random dude idk from San Fran. Definitely a must listen if you wanna hear relatable people talk about football.

Needs more lions

Good podcast but it should solely focus on the Lions. That’d make it much better.




Great podcast, definitely recommend whipping dick out and beating off to the sound of joe flacco talking about football

Miss the meme page so bad bruh

This podcast is great! Almost as good as his stache!

Best football pod

Not bad for a fake joe flacco

The Best Podcast Out There?

Notjoeflacco the podcast is amazing. Although his sponsors are a bit questionable sometimes, I love what he’s doing. RIP @notjoeflacco on IG

Love it

This podcast is fun to listen to and you learn something about football every time you listen, despite the jokes and memes, not joe makes a high nfl knowledge and unbiased podcast where he keeps his audience engaged in every pod. Keep grinding 😤😤😤

Joe wants 200 reviews

I haven’t listened to a single bit of his podcast but I see he wants 200 reviews. He looks like joe flacco so he gets 5 stars from me. Can I get a sticcer?


This podcast is great. I’m not usually a fan of podcasts but this handsome guy neglects his wife to bring unbiased takes to the boys. That’s the American dream right there.ESPN needs to sign this guy to replace Mac Kellerman, FS1 should replace Skip bayless with this guy and then also why not put him in the booth with tony Romo. Also when are we getting the name of the personal account. Also what did you play in highschool. Also are you looking to adopt 🥴?


I love this pod, I listen to it everyday at work on Spotify, and I look forward to it everyday. Shameless plug

This is so good

Gangsta Saquon loves this podcast ez five stars

Is Notjoeflacco really not joe Flacco?

I’ve been listening to his podcast for two weeks now, but I’m still not convinced whether notjoeflacco is really not joe flacco. For example, he says he’s a niners fan, which is on the other side of the country from New York, where joe Flacco plays on the jets. He’s doing this to get rid of suspicions, but this is suspicious.