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Feb. 15, 2022

Super Bowl Recap, then TV stuff, then more Super Bowl stuff

NJF 175

Super Bowl Recap

  • Rams Win / 49ers are first team in history to be 3-0 in one regular season against the SB teams
  • Stafford: HOF / Richard Sherman / Matt Ryan
  • Officiating continues to be broken
  • Is it worth it if McVay and Aaron Donald retire?
  • When did we start combining regular season and postseason stats just because the number is bigger?
  • You’re officially old when the music you listened to in middle school, the movies you watched in high school, and the TV show you watched in college are now the super bowl halftime show and a bunch of ads.    
  • Crypto, 
  • Electric Cars, 
  • Do you like Pete Davidson? 
  • Was anybody in the world wondering what AJ Soprano was up to?

Kyler Vs Cardinals? Aaron Donald retiring? McVay retiring? Russ getting traded? What’s going on in the NFCW

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