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March 9, 2022

Never Go Full Rebuild + Aaron Rodgers + Calvin Ridley


Russell Wilson is traded for two 1s, two 2s, 5th, Drew Lock, Shelby Harris, Noah Fant

So basically… the Packers turned down AT LEAST that much, are giving Aaron Rodgers something like $50M APY in order to never see Jordan Love throw another pass for them. 

So Jordan Love sucks… the Packers franchised Davante and they’re gonna run it back with less(?) talent than last year but at least it’s not the 2019 NCAA INT leader at the helm

Basically, the Packers are all in and you can probably expect them to trade some picks for veterans between now and the trading deadline


Broncos are all in — 

Who “won” the trade?

Who is the 2nd best QB in the AFCW

Josh McDaniels missing New England yet?


Nobody left from the 2013 champs. Wagner and Russ gone on the same day

Seahawks finally saw the team the rest of us did

Interesting choice having a septuagenarian run your rebuilding project

Why would you rebuild like this with a team this bad at drafting

Who’s next? DK? Lockett? 

Are they gearing up for Deshaun? Do they think swapping Deshaun for Russ solves anything?

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