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Greatest Sport Podcast Ever

You know Julian Edelman? The future Hall of Fame WR? The one with 3x SBs and a SB MVP? The 2nd all time leader in postseason receptions and yards? NotJoeFlacco The Podcast is the Julian Edelman of Podcasts. You think it’s the product of a system, but when you step back, you really start to appreciate the greatness of NotJoeFlacco The Podcast. I look forward to the day that I’m 85 year olds and I can sit with my grandchildren and tell them I grew up listening to Not Joe Flacco: The Podcast.

A sufficient podcast for football topics

Quality, informed opinions.


Best podcast ever

Funny, competent, interesting

NotJoe is really fun to listen to, gives good takes on different topics, and isn’t boring. 10/10 would recommend

Not joe

The dude is the goat

Honest review

Not Joe, is well educated, informed, and knowledgeable about the topics he discusses and brings a great perspective on a variety of topics and discussion, very enjoyable to listen to. Any NFL fan should take time to listen and learn something new.

Hot takes

He might be wrong sometimes like thinking Julian Edelman isn’t a hall of fame but hot takes are very interesting and entertaining. He also sent me a sticcer and that’s pretty cool

What can I say

Dude pisses excellence


He’s funny and has interesting content that ranges a good variety of topics. Well thought out opinions and he knows what he’s talking about. Great football podcast!

Love this content!

Loved listening to it, the opinions he has are really well backed and he put time into this! It was fun listening! Keep it up -XFL memers