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Um well he hates on Drew Brees(the goat) all the time and I hate him, but he threatened to burn down my house unless I rated his podcast five stars. Please don’t keep threatening me Joe

Wilson > Lamar

He knows what he’s talking about he actually does research also he’s unbiased even tho he’s a one of the 3 49ers fans out there he says good things about Wilson that’s why I give him 5 stars

Amazing. Probably has more MVPs than Drew Brees

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is definitely one of my favorites. Definitely my favorite sports podcast. Funny host. Great topics. Enjoyable. Hot voice.

Haven’t actually watched yet

I haven’t even watched but it’s my dad joe so I have to give him 5 stars no matter what

Funny and real

I’ve been a long time Instagram follower and finally decided to listen and I’m glad I did. This is funny stuff while giving actual reasons behinds his opinions. 10/10.

Love it

Always love hearing what he has to say about the NFL. Glad to have this to take my mind off of the rest of the world right now

10/10 worth my time

Long time instagram follower, love the content and very entertaining and funny worth the time

Greatest listen

This guy knows his football, cares about the game and shares his passion in this podcast. Knowledgeable, funny and real give this man a radio show and fire Steve mason

Good Podcast

He’s good on Instagram so it has to be good.

How could you not like this guy

This guy has it all, from his godly mustache to his entertaining opinions on the nfl. If you don’t subscribe to this or his YouTube channel I’ll drop kick you.

From Sports Report Podcast

Podcasts have to support podcasts

One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard in my life!

Other than listening to the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, this the podcast that EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR!!! This guy is the WOJ of Podcasting!!

A review on Notjoeflacco the podcast by you know who

Notjoeflacco’s podcast is amazing even tho they’re are some bad words I recommend any NFL fan with a question or a Hot take to send it in to him by doing a voice message He is also a great guy to debate and has a Top 4 podcast


Funny dude who seems like the worst dad possible to have, but yet he’s a father.

Thank You NotJoe

The man behind this is apparently very sexy with an incredible mustache. But I had a question if the NFL was rigged and he helped me change my opinion I needed this podcast in my life

One of the greatest podcasts

I love listening to his opinions as opposed to other sports analysts. He is factual and fun.

The mustasche never dissapoints!

These podcasts could literally land you a GM spot for any team and the first thing you’d do is start a petition to kick out Bill O Brien. Good work man


Great podcast and made my pp swell up

Best thing

Getting Cut by the Broncos was the best thing that could of happen to this guy great podcast

Best Podcast

Not Joe Flacco is a legend and all of the things that are said are true and unbiased. Highly Recommend.

God tier

He’s basically joe flacco’s more handsome twin that knows a lot about the sport and has a great sense of humor.

changed my life

he made me like Joe Flacco, goat.


Had a different opinion than me


Not joe is a good man. A better lover.


It’s cool

Quality Stuff

Worth the listen. I’m glad you can’t see his face though because I have trouble focusing on what I’m hearing when I can see him😍.

Best podcast

Probably the best football podcast you’ll ever listen too

Almost 5 stars

I would give it 5 stars but his voice is kinda weird that’s all


Not joe flaccos mustache is hot


Read the title of my review