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Best podcast ever

Always entertaining

Now here’s a guy...


People are posting bad rates to try to be posted on his insta


Great podcast

Hard pass

Just a bias dude sharing his bizarre and outlandish points of view. I don’t know who would choose to spend their time listening to this 4 times a week. Even 10 minutes felt like an excruciating hour.

Good podcast

Pretty sure this guy is Joe Flacco.

Superior football knowledge

Not Joe is a true football intellectual. Highly recommended.

What is this?

Idk not joe flacco said if I don’t give 5 stars he’ll bang my mom.

This is trash

Worst podcast ever

Love It

NotJoe has an amazing podcast and would 10/10 recommend it to any football fan

In love❤️😍😘

Best thing that ever happened to me -NotDanaGrady


I’ve been following NJF on IG for about a year now and instantly became my favorite meme page after he told me he was a die hard niner fan. During this year following NJF on IG I respected his opinions a lot and he had a lot of really good reasoning for his opinions but after listening to this podcast and seeing the football knowledge he has, it is truly a tier above average. He’s not your typical meme page talking about some irrelevant facts. This guys the real deal and should be treated as such.

Great podcast

Great content extremely relatable and very true knows lots about football


Kinda shït but I love it


Woah this is hotter than pornhub

The #1 football podcast

The #1 football podcast for people who like listening to a guy who looks like Hall of Fame Quarterback and Super Bowl 47 MVP Joe Flacco.

Drew Brees bad

I’m a saints fan but after hearing Mr. Not’s beautiful debate skills I have decided to take him no only out of my favorite players list, but out of the HOF discussion as a whole. Thank you for enlightening me.


Best podcast ever tbh


I can tell by the sound of his voice he has an amazing mustache


This is better than to listen to adam rank.




Thought he was just a memelord, but the guy has some legit takes that are well researched and thought out. I maybe don't agree with everything he has to say, but he puts together a great argument making it an enjoyable listen.


Best podcast I’ve listened to. NotJoe has a natural voice for podcasts. He knows exactly what he’s talking about and backs his strong opinions with stats and facts. Extremely entertaining listen.

So good

Great podcast to listen to

Best podcast

The best football podcast you’re gonna find

Great podcast

I’ll change it to 5 when he answers my question about Sam Bradford.


Really lively and brings energy. You can tell he is passionate and knowledgeable about football. Also likes to poke fun at players while still managing to give them some credit. Great podcast.

Fun insight

Very enjoyable to listen to as well as great insight.

God Pod

Might not agree with him but still live him

NotJoe does it again

Not only is NotJoeFlacco your favorite meme pages favorite meme page Hes now your favorite podcasters favorite podcaster. He’s got a true flaccaholic in me