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Nov. 7, 2021

Trying to make sense of losing to Colt McCoy

Trying to make sense of losing to Colt McCoy

The 49ers lost today to a team coached by Kliff Kingsbury and missing its starting QB, WR1, WR2 and losing RB1 to injury in the first quarter. 

Part of this loss is due to things that will never happen again: Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle each losing a fumble in the same game, James Conner scoring 3 TDs, or Colt McCoy completing 84% of his passes just to name a few.

I’m actually happy with how the offense played, and with how Jimmy G looked, the continued emergence of Aiyuk, getting Kittle back, Elijah Mitchell, etc.

And I’m a 49er fan so I can attribute a loss to injuries better than anyone in the world. The secondary was missing 3/5 week 1 starters, Javon Kinlaw, Dre Greenlaw were all sorely missed. 

But the thing I can’t get over is the way Kyle Shanahan managed the game. It started when we were down 24 and needing 3 TDs + 3 two point conversions just to tie. Basically we’re down 3 scores when Jimmy throws a jump ball to Aiyuk for a TD. There’s still plenty of time left but Kyle decides to kick the PAT. Which, for you math majors out there, leaves the 49ers down 17 which is… STILL THREE FUCKING SCORES. 

Then after the Cardinals punt, the 49ers drive to the Cardinals 39 yard line. So down 17 and needing 3 scores, Kyle decides to punt instead of trying a 56 yard field goal. Granted, this would’ve been Robbie Gould’s longest kick as a 49er and he’s just been activated from an injury… but we need 3 scores and we have a shot at getting one of them. WHY PUNT?

Anyways, after punting the 49ers hold the Cardinals to a 3 and out. Only to drive down to the 8 yard line, with a QB who has been playing his ass off, and THEN they kick the FG. 

None of this means the 49ers would’ve converted the 2 point conversion on the first TD or made the 56 yard field goal or scored on 4th down from the 8.