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Nov. 8, 2021

Could the Titans really go 15-2

Could the Titans really go 15-2

Yuh that’s a real question… look at this schedule:

  • Saints,
  • Texans,
  • @ Patriots
  • BYE
  • Jaguars
  • @ Steelers
  • 49ers
  • Dolphins
  • @ Texans

The Bills and Jaguars reminded us that anybody can be beaten any week. But look at that schedule… the best team (by record) left on the schedule is the Saints team that just lost to the Falcons and is choosing between Trevor Semian and Taylor Hill at QB.

At worst, the Titans are looking at 13-4. I don’t know where the two losses are coming from though. They’re probably going to be favored or close to it in every game for the rest of the year. They have 5 cupcakes left on their schedule. That alone gets them to 12 wins. 

Hell, the Jaguars beating the Bills probably makes it even LESS likely that the Titans lose to them, the Texans, Dolphins or 49ers (who will be starting Trey Lance by then). Head Coach Mike Vrabel is going to be able to point to “BILLS 6 JAGUARS 9” every week prior to these cupcake games and remind his team “Any Given Sunday”.

The only team standing between the Titans and a playoff bye is the Ravens who have to navigate five more games against AFC North rivals in addition to the Rams and Packers. 

And if you’re Derrick Henry, and you’re watching your guys go 12-2, 13-2, 14-2, 15-2 do you think he’ll push himself to be back for some role on the playoff roster?