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Oct. 26, 2022

Wednesday Mailbag: Are the Bucs and Packers actually in trouble?

0:35 Devan Bush

1:29 Are the Seahawks... (gulp)... good?

3:12 The Seahawks schedule

8:13 Name a more cursed franchise than the Chargers

8:38 When will McCaffrey get going for the 49ers?

8:50 NotJoe's Taint decides MNF

9:31 Could you swap two head coaches and make both teams better?

10:59 Should the Packers be in panic mode?

13:47 2011 NFC Championship game

14:53 Should we even care about AFC vs NFC games at this point?

18:28 Mac + Zappe talk (recorded before MNF)

21:13 Taint Talk

22:51 Are the Packers and Bucs in trouble?

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