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Nov. 23, 2021

Stormy Daniel Jones vs the Bucs + the rest of Week 11

Episode 158

Giants - Bucs Reaction

  • Giants are on pace for TWO top-7 picks in the draft, which WR and safety are they looking at drafting
  • Giants OL —- by pff grade the guy that got ran over multiple times and called for 3 holdings is actually the second best guy on the line
  • Brady is over 3000 yards already and somehow looks like he can play two more years AT THIS LEVEL
  • Is Daniel Jones the worst QB in the division?

7 Layer NotJoes

  • name 7 QBs you’re 1000% sure Daniel Jones is better than
  • Anyone on the Jets except Flacco
  • Tua?
  • Andy Dalton
  • Jordan Love
  • Carson Wentz when he throws with his left hand
  • Nick Mullens

Best Excuse in a Losing Performance

  • Bills - It’s not our fault you overrated us
  • Titans - Legit thought it was a bye week. Our bad. 
  • Packers - Scored too quick. Can’t leave Kirk Cousins that much time
  • Cowboys - to be fair, Amari Cooper told us he was immunized
  • Seahawks - When we get Russ back everything will be ok. Geno Smith isn’t cutting it

Unexpected Performance of the Week

  • Chargers not Chargering
  • Chiefs D is gooooood?
  • Texans win but outgained 420 to 190
  • Texans had scoring drives of 0, 5, -4 yards

Welcome to my TaintTalk

  • Cousins Curse hits again. Takes down a 12pt buck in the Packers
  • Packers, Chargers, Panthers, Lions, Seahawks
  • NotJoes Taint
  • Not too bad but I did pick the packers and bills
  • Not even my Taint is strong enough to get the Lions a W

Jonathan Taylor / Austin Ekeler

Bills - Did the Vaccine stuff fuck up a good thing?

Bears - apparently Matt Nagy has lost the locker room. Gee. 

NFC Playoff Guesses

  • pick 2 to make the playoffs (49ers, Vikings, Saints, Eagles, Panthers)

Patriots are back in 1st place

  • 1997 the last time they won the division without Brady

DK Metcalf

  • If you take out his 84y TD against the Saints, he’s averaging less than 10y per catch since week 6

Taysom Hill contract 

  • huh?

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