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Nov. 9, 2021

Refs-Bears Reactions + The Rest of Week 9 Upsets

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NJF 154

Steelers - Bears Reactions

  • Said it a thousand times, you can’t leave the refs that much time to win the game for the steelers
  • Why don’t they just do illegal contact every play when its like this
  • Justin Fields with a too quick game winning drive
  • At the half both QBs had exactly 63 yards passing. This was a TERRIBLE game at the half
  • Big Ben no longer strong enough to pump fake
  • Taunting penalty to save the Steelers
  • Cassius Marsh went from the 49ers to the Patriots and HATED playing for Belichick… wonder why
  • Mike Tomlin took a team with Mason Rudolph at QB to 8-8. 
  • Refs Refs and more Refs
  • TJ Watt
  • Just a reminder that the Dolphins couldn’t get rid of Minkah Fitzpatrick fast enough

7 Layer Notjoes: Contending Teams

  • Titans
  • Bucs
  • Packers
  • Ravens
  • Cardinals
  • Rams
  • Chargers/Cowboys

Degenerate Gambler of the Week

No big parlays this week because there’s no way anybody had the Bills, Cowboys, Rams, Bengals, 49ers, etc all losing

Best Excuse in a Losing Performance

  • Bears - Have you ever fought 7 zebras before?
  • Bengals - It’s not our fault they cut Odell before they played us
  • Raiders - Do we really have to get into this?
  • Panthers - Not really an excuse but we started Darnold against Belichick
  • Packers - Jordan Love spent the whole game trying to find his mom

Coaching to Lose the Game

  • Kyle Shanahan

Unexpected Performance of the Week

  • Jaguars - giVen up 20 in every game this year, 4x given up 30 so of course they hold Josh Allen to 3 FGs
  • Broncos - 42 minutes of possession, 180 yards rushing
  • Titans Rams

Other Games:

Giants - Raiders

Ravens Vikings

McCorkle Ankle Hold

Chargers Easy Money

Jordan Love’s parents

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