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Nov. 12, 2021

OBJ, Cam Newton, Ravens-Dolphins Reactions + Week 10 Preview

Odell to the Rams

  • Word association
  • John Lynch: “Odell told me ‘Get me here’ back in 2018”
  • Is it bad if the NFL turned into the NBA from a player movement standpoint?

Cam to the Panthers

  • Panthers are paying Cam’s replacement, the replacement’s replacement, and now Cam Newton to replace his replacement’s replacement
  • Steve Smith, Steve Smith, Greg Olsen, Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Greg Olsen, Funchess, McCaffery
  • Twice Cam was the team’s leading passer and rusher
  • 3rd in Panthers history for rushing yards, 1st in rushing TDs
  • McCaffery is 28 TDs behind Cam. Will he ever catch him?

Ravens-Dolphins Reaction

Week 10 NFL Picks Draft

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