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Oct. 20, 2021

NFL Week 6 Reactions & Awards, Jamal Adams & DK Metcalf Reactions


  • Offensive Defensive Player of the Week
  • DK Metcalf - why you not going out of bounds?
  • Shannon Sharpe beef
  • Josh Allen - you’re 6’6… its half a yard. I thought you were a hurdler
  • Geno Smith - 
  • ‘Best Excuse in a Losing Performance
  • Patriots - We hung with a real team on the road and we still don’t have any skill position guys
  • Seahawks - We’re missing Russ
  • Broncos - You ever played a Nobody Believes in Us + Its us against the world team?
  • Coaching to Lose the Game
  • The guy who didnt hedge or cash out for 180k
  • Painful Admissions
  • Doug

Questions from the rest of the games

  • Is Jamal Adams getting hit in the face with a football the funniest thing to happen in an NFL game in my life
  • The MVP out there running fake two minute drills while he’s on IR… bit much?
  • The Vikings are who they always are: 3 losses to good teams, 3 wins against bad teams
  • The Chiefs are kinda the same thing though: Losses to ravens, chargers, bills - W vs WFT, eagles, browns
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Urban Meyer still hasn’t won in the US, at least the Dolphins still get 2 games against the Jets and 1 against the Texans
  • Panthers / Broncos both with 3 game losing streaks after starting 3-0
  • Those poor lions

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