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Nov. 7, 2022

Kirk "The Exchange Student" Cousins

1:10 Some personal milestones

2:05 40 vs 41

3:58 Some good old fashioned Remember When

6:43 Getting to the football

9:18 Vikings beat another future non-playoff team

9:36 Kirk "The Exchange Student" Cousins

10:13 Notjoe speaks Japanese

14:34 Vikings upcoming schedule

16:27 Future Cousins Curse Addendum

18:27 The Packers. Oh man the Packers

20:57 Brady to the 49ers?

21:45 Packers are still dogshit 2 minutes later

23:58 What do the Packers do with a Top 10 pick?

27:22 The Rams Super Bowl Hangover

31:57 The Worst jersey number for a CB

34:49 The Raiders

37:16 Jets Praise

42:10 Scoring is down

42:51 Trade deadline quick hit

46:51 Mike McDaniel appreciation segment

50:43 Wrapping Up

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