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Oct. 12, 2021

Jon Gruden Reaction + Colts-Ravens Reaction + Week 5

NJF 148

Start Bench Cut

  • Gruden’s rehabilitation tour:
  • Hosts Manning Bros esque show with his brother, Jay Gruden who got jealous of a player banging his girl and benched him for the guy that missed the block that led to Alex Smith’s injury
  • Launches Last Chance U but for white kids only
  • New Jeopardy host

Colts-Ravens Reactions

  • Game was shit, they fired Gruden, the game got amazing
  • Did Lamar take a shit at halftime?
  • Seems like the league has figured Lamar Jackson out huh?
  • Tavon Young Personal Foul bailed out
  • Why couldn’t we get the Manning Bros tonight? I’d love their take on Gruden
  • Worst Excuse in a losing performance
  • Colts were up 22-3

Week 4 Picks

  • Trevor -
  • Doug - 4-1 (Titans, Saints, Bills, Bucs) 5-5 total
  • NotJoe - 2-3 (Saints, Titans)

Start Bench Cut

  • The Most Done
  • Steelers (2-3)
  • Raiders without Gruden (3-2 but lost two straight and their HC)
  • New England (needed a comeback to beat the Texans)
  • Best punch
  • Tyson Fury
  • Deontay Wilder
  • Kadarious Toney

NotJoe MVP Radar (now 2-4 following being caught on radar)

  • Kyler Murray - Undefeated
  • Justin Herbert - first place in the AFCW 
  • Dak Prescott 1066, 10 TD, 8.0ypa


  • Offensive Defensive Player of the Week
  • Kickers. Fucking all of them
  • Sam Darnold -- 177, 1TD 3-INT
  • ‘Best Excuse in a Losing Performance
  • Browns - 500 yards, no turnovers, 42 points, and we got fucked by the refs
  • 49ers - Started a rookie, on the road, against the last unbeaten team and it wasnt so bad
  • Giants - Mike Glennon played over half the football game
  • Lions

  • Coaching to Lose the Game
  • Sending stupid emails 10 years ago and having your locker room quit on you
  • Texans fake punt thing
  • Browns running the ball on 3-10 needing a score
  • Zac Taylor attempting 57y FG instead of going for 4-1
  • Shanahan 1-5 on 4th down

  • Jekyl and Carlos Hyde Award
  • Ravens - IN THE SAME GAME
  • Eagles - Time to say nice things again!
  • Do the steelers qualify here? Is beating denver a good win? Every team on their schedule so far has a winning record and they’re 2-3 with a mummy playing QB
  • Award for terrible officiating that only affected the 49ers browns or giants
  • No holding call in the end zone
  • Wtf was that PI call

Questions from the rest of the games

  • I asked last week if the Panthers could beat the Bucs. I’ll say no. Moving on
  • Cowboys home field advantage?
  • Dan Campbell crying
  • Eagles on pace for 3 top 10 picks
  • Jameis 12 TD 3 INT

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