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Oct. 1, 2021

Joe Burrow vs Trevor Lawrence Reactions + Week 4 Picks

  1. Start Bench Cut
  2. You have to switch teams… who’s your new franchise: Patriots, Jags, Bengals
  3. Jags - Bengals Reaction
  4. This game was one of our locks for the week. We all agreed. Did we learn anything other than NotJoe shouldn’t bet on football
  5. Jags have actually led in 3 straight games. 2x they’ve led at halftime by at least a TD… then disaster.
  6. First half point differential: +17
  7. Second half PD: -42
  8. is this actually going to be a QB rivalry in 5 years? Some of these young guys have to just be average. 
  9. What actually makes a QB rivalry?
  10. Start Bench Cut
  11. When would you rather watch your team play: Thursday Night / Sunday Night / Monday Night
  12. You can’t watch your team live: Radio, Gamecast, Tape Delay
  13. Week 4 Picks

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