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Nov. 2, 2021

Giants-Chiefs Reactions + Mike White, Derrick Henry, and the rest of Week 8

NotJoe 152

Start Bench Cut: 2022 NY Giants starting QB

  • Tyrod Taylor
  • Marcus Mariota
  • Andy Dalton

Giants-Chiefs Instant Reactions

  • Was this even a moral victory (on the road against the AFC champions only lose by 3)?
  • Why did it take 2018, 2019, 2020, for teams to just be like… hey, stay deep. Dont let the Chiefs score quick.
  • With the Jets win and the Giants loss… the Giants are officially the worst franchise over the last 5 seasons

Where in the world is Doug, cuz its not San Diego?

7 Layer Notjoes: Coaches on the hot seat

  • Pete Carrol
  • Brian Flores
  • Mike Zimmer
  • Matt Nagy
  • Joe Judge
  • Ron Rivera
  • Nick Sirianni
  • Vic Fangio
  • Urban Meyer

Degenerate gambler of the week

  • Guy who put $1000 down on Mike White… in his first start… against the team with the best record in the AFC… leading the league in passing in Week 8. He won $125,000

Offensive Defensive Player of the Week

  • Jared Goff throwing the ball away on 4th down
  • Kirk Cousins 2min drill
  • Carson Wentz throwing a pick six… from his own end zone… with his left hand
  • LSU WR in Cleveland

Coaching to Lose the Game

  • Mike Zimmer double timeout disaster

Unexpected Performance of the Week

  • The Goddamn New York Jets
  • Jimmy G!!!
  • Eagles 44-6
  • Backup QBs - Mike White, Cooper Rush, Semian

The More They Stay the Same

  • Kirk Cousins 184 yards passing in prime time against a good team
  • Chargers making everyone think they’re going to be different and still being the chargers

Deebo Samuel Appreciation Segment

Other Stuff:

  • Would you rather be the Titans or the Browns right now?
  • What about the Chiefs or Browns

  • Jets have two wins against teams that would make the playoffs if they started today
  • Sean Payton top 3 coach with only 1 ring (of our lifetime)? Andy reid, arians, pederson, kubiak, carroll, harbaugh, mccarthy, Tomlin, dungy, cowher, gruden, billick, vermeil, holmgren, switzer, seifert, ditka, (leaving off madden, webank, stram, mccafferty)
  • Patriots actually get a good win (Jets, Texans, Jets, Chargers)
  • Cardinals 

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