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Sept. 28, 2021

Eagles-Cowboys Reaction + The Rest of Week 3

  1. Eagles - Cowboys Reactions
  2. Week 3 Start Bench Cut
  3. Who’s going to have the better 2021
  4. Most Unexpected 
  5. Your life depends on…
  6. NotJoe’s MVP Radar
  7. Week 3 Awards
  8. Marquise Brown “Offensive-Defensive Player of the Game”
  9. Marquise Brown - 3 pass break ups to save TDs
  10. Zach Wilson - held Jets to 119 yards passing
  11. Jimmy Garropolo - forced fumble in the 4th
  12. Bears O-Line - Held Bears to 1.1 yards before contact and 1 yard passing (47 total yards)
  13. Best Excuse in a Losing Performance
  14. We forced them to kick a 66 yard FG - Lions
  15. We scored too quick - 49ers
  16. We were distracted because they retired the jersey of our Director of Fan Engagement - Giants
  17. Coaching to Lose the Game
  18. Kyle Shanahan not going for it on 4th and short even though he has Trey Lance
  19. Kliff Kingsbury attempting a 68yd field goal against the Jags
  20. Matt Nagy showing up for the game
  21. Questions from the rest of the Games
  22. Should Derrick Henry have been the 1st pick in the draft? Dalvin Out, CMC Out, Kamara hasn’t gotten going yet
  23. Chiefs are 2 games back of the Broncos and Raiders… when do they return to 1st place
  24. Justin Fucking Herbert. That’s all
  25. Saints D is LEGIT
  26. At this point last year Cam had 6 TDs and 2 INT. Mac Jones has 2 and 3
  27. Daniel Jones is now 4-11 at home
  28. Can we start referring to Big Ben as Has Ben
  29. Bad sign the Cardinals were losing to the Jags at halftime?
  30. Are the Vikings legit (2 plays away from 3-0)
  31. Anybody concerned at all about the Bucs?

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