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Oct. 5, 2021

Chargers are the --th best team in the NFL (and other Week 4 thoughts)

If you had to get caught cheating on your girl... would you go the Urban route, the Earl Thomas path, or the Tiger Woods Way?

Chargers - Raiders reactions


  • Best Excuse in a Losing Performance
  • Broncos - We were never going to win this division, what did you want from us?
  • Titans - We were missing both our starting WR
  • Eagles - Did you really expect the Chiefs to lose 3 straight?
  • Coaching to Lose the Game
  • Bill Belichick 56y field goal in the rain with 56 seconds left
  • Sean McVay down 11 kicking a 22 yard field goal instead of 4th and goal from the 5 (cardinals answered with a FG)
  • Jekyl and Carlos Hyde Award
  • Saints
  • Titans
  • Bears
  • Who’s Right?
  • Fangio
  • Harbaugh

Questions from the rest of the games

  • After what we just saw from the Pats, can the Panthers beat the Bucs?
  • If the Bills go 16-1 is there any way Josh Allen doesnt get the MVP
  • Allotted time for NotJoe to talk about the 49ers
  • Matt Ryan needs a trade if he has any hope of the Hall
  • Do you believe me now that the Lions are TERRIBLE
  • Dolphins gotta be loving the track that the 49ers are on?
  • Big Ben still done?

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