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Oct. 28, 2022

Can you turn this into a sex dungeon?

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1:13 Brady trying to hold things together by himself

2:10 Brady is bumming out NotJoe

2:56 Doug does NOT feel sorry for Tom

4:31 Trevor does feel sorry for Tom

5:35 Russ's downfall vs Tom's downfall

7:55 Gisele is the 2022 Tom Brady of that marriage

8:40 Why did Brady come back?

11:59 Matt Ryan is benched and we know when he's going to die

13:19 Paying Lamar

14:44 Trevor gets a fantasy football trade offer mid-pod

17:28 The Pact

19:21 Russ is working out mid-flight

22:11 That mouth was only made for one thing

23:06 Ravens-Bucs Stats

25:00 First place Falcons have a lead on Tom Brady

25:44 Finding 5 wins in the Bucs schedule

28:59 Franchise Tags and Lamar

32:17 Amazon showing the Next Gen Stats broadcast

33:36 Evil Artificial Turf

39:04 3 minutes Trevor's Car Corner tangent

42:48 Plans for the NotJoe Instagram Subscription

48:00 Kadarius Toney Trade

50:26 Brief Yankees tangent to torture Trevor

56:00 What you can and can't do on a plane

61:00 Picks Draft

76:00 Film Review

84:28 The Greatest Voicemail in History

90:00 Can you turn this into a sex dungeon?

91:31 We read some reviews

93:00 Back to the voicemail

98:00 Trevor's Hockey Corner

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