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Jan. 4, 2022

Browns-Steelers Reaction, Big Ben, Browns Future, Trey Lance, Week 17 Recap

Browns - Steelers Reaction 

  • how will you remember the Big Ben Era?
  • What to do with Baker?
  • What’s with Nick Chubb?


  • Best player to never make the HOF
  • Had to end like this?
  • Is it actually over?


  • Trey Lance - wow
  • Playoff chances: 61%
  • Doesn’t seem that high - 
  • I guess it’s the odds of the 49ers beating the Rams on the road plus the odds of the Falcons beating the Saints
  • Falcons aren’t beating the Saints

Colts/AFC playoff scenarios:

  • Carson Wentz — 
  • Colts win and in but haven’t beat Jags in JAX in 7 years
  • If Jags win… Raiders and Chargers both make it if they tie
  • If Jags win, Colts can still make it if the Ravens, Raiders, and Dolphins win

Fantasy Football woes

Mike Glennon / Jake Fromm — 1967

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