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Oct. 19, 2021

Bills-Titans Reaction + NFL MVP Draft + Mega Parlay Reaction

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NJF 149

Start Bench Cut: Which Titans team is this?

  • Team that beat the Bills in a shootout and Seahawks on the road
  • Team that lost to the Jets
  • Team that lost to the Jets and beat the Bills

Titans-Bills Reaction

  • 7 lead changes at 34-31 Titans
  • Kick Return gets called back
  • And then…
  • Do you go for it?
  • Hadnt been able to stop shit
  • Have the athletic freak future MVP at QB
  • Just need a half yard
  • Why leave to a coin flip
  • Another week, another massive parlay
  • Cash out for 180k
  • Cash out 1 for 90, let 1 ride for 145
  • Let both ride
  • Titans came in 27th in passing yards per game with Julio
  • Falcons are 12th without him
  • Derrick Henry MVP?
  • Came in averaging 128/g, with 7 TDs and added 140 and 2 TDs
  • Pacing for 402 carries
  • Josh Allen has an absolutely garbage stache (and qb sneak game)

Reviews - The only podcast I listen to. Listening to NotJoe and the Boys is great because they don’t try too hard, they just talk football from the perspective of 3 die hard fans. Keeps you engaged and invested in the conversation. And like any good podcast, the tangents may be the best part. Not bad for a meme page

7 Layer MVP Notjoes

  • Kyler
  • Dak
  • Josh Allen
  • Justin Herbert
  • Lamar Jackson
  • Tom Brady
  • Derrick Henry

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