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Oct. 25, 2022

Bears maul Patriots + A new segment

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0:42 Mac Jones + Zappe

2:50 What a dumb name

4:22 Married w/ Children flashback

6:03 What's going through McCorkle's head?

7:36 You can't make history repeat itself

8:51 Doug feels superior

10:25 Are we feeling sorry for McCorkle?

13:08 Trying to find McCorkle a home

16:08 Sickest cunts

17:11 Back to finding a home for McCorkle

25:12 Gisele going full Larsa Pippen

27:29 Tom Brady Cancer Survivor

29:30 New Segment: Who said it: DangeRuss or Wolverine

34:21 Pegging

35:00 Back to the Wolverine/Russ segment

37:11 James Robinson gets traded

40:02 Matt Ryan gets benched

42:05 There's more to it we don't know

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