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Nov. 16, 2021

49ers-Rams Reaction, Russell Wilson and Cam are back, and the rest of Week 10

Rams-49ers Reactions

  • WHAT A PERFORMANCE from the 49ers
  • Can Matt Stafford be trusted
  • Back to back 2 INT games on national TV
  • Can the 49ers be trusted
  • Losses to Colts, McCoys, Seahawks, 
  • At 2-4 I said they need to win 2 out of next 3… and they did (just not the games I expected)
  • McVay has now lost 5 straight to the 49ers, Jimmy G has never lost to the Rams
  • 49ers now have 5 straight winnable games: @ Jaguars, Vikings, @ Seahawks on SNF, @ Bengals, Falcons

7 Layer Notjoes: Contending Teams

Last Week: 

  • Titans - W
  • Bucs - L
  • Packers - W
  • Ravens - L
  • Cardinals - L
  • Rams - L
  • Chargers/Cowboys - L/W

Name 7 QBs in the 11-20 range

Best Excuse in a Losing Performance

  • Rams - It’s really hard to beat your daddy
  • Raiders - Same excuse as last week
  • Steelers - What do you mean we didn’t lose
  • Seahawks - Russ was hurt, you soulless creep
  • Saints - You’re not going to believe us but the refs screwed us

Coaching to Lose the Game

  • Kyle Shanahan

Unexpected Performance of the Week

  • Jamal Adams tying Vince Wilfork for career INT
  • Jimmie Ward doubling his career INTs in one quarter
  • Browns. Oh the Browns
  • Matt Stafford being garbage in garbage time

Taint Junction // Welcome to my Taint Talk

  • Cousins Curse hits!!!
  • NotJoe’s Taint
  • Drafted Cardinals, Rams, Chargers, Broncos, Hawks in our picks draft
  • Does this mean that NotJoe’s Taint is stronger than Kirk Cousins need to lose games to good teams


So many blowouts: Bills/Jets, Chiefs/Raiders, 49ers/Rams, Patriots/Browns, Cowboys/Falcons, Steelers/Lions, Panthers/Cardinals, Packers/Seahawks

Comebacks, Successful and otherwise

  • Cam is back, and scores 2 TDs in two touches
  • Russ is back and can’t score
  • Bad PR -- If you’re hurt, you do the Big Ben ice on your shoulder and knees thing. You don’t make social media posts about how miraculous your recovery was. 

Ties: Should we be living in a world where professional football games end in a tie

  • Only the NFL would trim the OT rules to 10 min instead of 15 for player safety but then extend the season by a whole ass 60 minutes

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